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Are Oral Mucosal Changes a Sign of COVID-19? A Cross-Sectional Study at a Field Hospital
A. Nuño González, K. Magaletskyy, P. Martín Carrillo, B. Lozano Masdemont, A. Mayor Ibarguren, M. Feito Rodríguez, P. Herranz Pinto
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 16 May 2021
RF-Herpes Zoster Triggered by Ingenol Mebutate Gel: First European Case Report
M. Garayar Cantero, E. Manrique-Silva, E. Godoy-Gijón
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 16 May 2021
Cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis
I. Abadías-Granado, A. Diago, P.A. Cerro, A.M. Palma-Ruiz, Y. Gilaberte
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 15 May 2021
Progressive Asymptomatic Thickening of a Lip
R. Ruiz-Villaverde, B. Rueda-Villafranca, M. Galvez-Moreno
Open access
Available online 15 May 2021
Acute postinfection pityriasis rubra pilaris: excellent response to emollients and topical corticosteroids
M.S. Zegpi-Trueba, L. Navajas-Galimany, S. González, C. Ramírez-Cornejo
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 14 May 2021
Janus Kinase Inhibitors in Dermatology: Part 2: Applications in Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, and Other Dermatoses
C. García-Melendo, X. Cubiró, L. Puig
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 14 May 2021
Neutrophilic Dermatosis on the Dorsal Hands
L. Quintana Castanedo, C. Chiloeches Fernández, E. Sendagorta Cudós
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 14 May 2021
What Proportion of the Caseload at Dermatology Outpatient Clinics in Spain Do Skin Tumors Account for? Results from the DIADERM National Random Sampling Project
A. Martin-Gorgojo, M.Á. Descalzo-Gallego, S. Arias-Santiago, A. Molina-Leyva, Y. Gilaberte, P. Fernández-Crehuet, H. Husein-ElAhmed, A. Viera-Ramírez, P. Fernández-Peñas, R. Taberner, A. Buendía-Eisman, I. García-Doval
Open access
Primary Cutaneous Acral CD8+ T-cell Lymphoma Induced by Persistent Delayed Hypersensitivity to Gold Earrings
J. Molinero Caturla, J. Sánchez Sánchez, J. Marcoval Caus, C. Muniesa Montserrat, J. Climent Esteller, O. Servitje Bedate
Open access
Available online 13 May 2021
Antia-Buch Flap for a Large Upper-Pole Defect of the Ear
J.C. Barrera Gamboa, Á.E. Acosta Madiedo de Hart
Open access
Available online 3 May 2021
Actas Dermo-Sifiliográficas (English Edition)

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